Shooting on Spangler Drive

by Kelly Mills on May 28, 2010 at 8:23 am

Multiple shots were fired Friday night on Spangler Drive in Zanesville.

Authorities were called to the 600-block of Spangler near Owens Street shortly before 6:30. On the scene they found at least seven shell casings. Vickey Chason’s family was having a Memorial Day picnic during the shooting.

"We were in the back playing corn hole and all of the sudden we heard a bunch of gun shots and my cousin started screaming, because there was kids in the front yard playing," says Chason.

Chason’s van was hit by two bullets. She says she’s just glad everyone’s okay.

"My car is the victim. Nobody else is hurt, but my car is hurt, it got shot up. This is terrible we need to stop the violence."

Sgt. Chris Phipps says they’re not sure at this time how many cars were involved, why they were shooting or if someone may have been shot and left the scene.

Witnesses reported seeing a maroon vehicle fleeing the area toward Ridge Road. If you have any information on the shooting contact the Zanesville Police Department at 455-0700.