Students Dealing with the Cost of College

by Ashley Drane on May 20, 2010 at 1:13 am

Seniors from all over the country are getting ready to graduate high school, and with the high cost of college it’s making it harder for students to afford it.

Ohio University Zanesville Junior Matthew Dair is working toward a social work degree.

"Well tuition here at the branch much less than at the main campus and so FAFSA really took care of pretty much all of it for the past couple of years this year with the economy or with the new administration in the white house financial aid has gone down a lot. I’ve lost more than half my financial aid "

Dair has been attending the OU branch for the past two years where tuition hasn’t gone up. Now he needs to be at the main campus to finish his major.

"As of right now I don’t see myself getting that degree because I can’t afford to go down to Athens," Dair said.

He said before this year money hasn’t been a problem.

"This year I had to get a part time job. I pack a lunch there’s been a couple of times I can’t even go to class because I can’t afford the gas for the week," Dair said.

Dair is putting off his degree until he can afford the main campus or he may have to change majors and stay at the branch. Financial Aid Coordinator Vicki DeLucas said even the cost of books is up.

"There is a way to get books cheaper," DeLucas said.

Students can now rent books at some bookstores.

"I’ve absolutely given up on trying to buy books on campus it’s just ridiculous," Dair said.

Delucas said students are sacrificing to save money.

"They are giving up their summers now. They are going to have to realize they are going to have to get a summer job to buy maybe books for school because books are expensive and students I think are maybe even sacrificing a dream they may have of going away," DeLucas said.

She said having that education is so important.

"If the student still wants the education the student still has to live at home that’s the best thing to do is still go after that education but stay local," DeLucas said.

If finances weren’t an issue.

"I’d be down in Athens right now on schedule working toward my social work degree," Dair said.

Ohio University Zanesville officials say they have not had a tuition increase since fall 2006 and we will not be raising tuition for fall 2010.