Students Interact at Business Fair

by Emily Baird on May 1, 2010 at 8:10 am

Some local students are looking to the future and weighing their options.

The first M.I.N.D Your Own Business Fair was held at Zanesville High School tonight.

"It’s all about reaching your goals in life. 70% of our students don’t go to college, so what are they going to do? " says event coordinator, Cassandra McDonald.

The main intention was to show students the different entrepreneurs and businesses we have here in the Y-City.

"We want them to have a one-on-one venture and asking how did you come about this? So, they’ll know there are avenues, just kind of sparking and exposing their minds, " says McDonald.

The event gave students a chance to experience different careers from medicine to beauty. McDonald says if they don’t ask questions now, they may never know if they will like a certain career or if they are good at it.