The Price of Tuition is on the Rise

by Ashley Drane on May 19, 2010 at 10:04 am

Everyone knows to get a college education it’s going to cost you. Now the price of tuition is higher than ever.

Financial Aid Coordinator at Ohio University Zanesville Vicki DeLucas said tuition has gone up just about everywhere.

"A lot of school are increasing their tuition just because of the cuts in federal and state aid and it makes it difficult for schools to keep up with everything that goes on without increasing their tuition," DeLucas said.

DeLucas said most schools have only gone up 4 to 6 percent but some schools have gone up all the way to 20 percent. OUZ is even more expensive.

"Around here the schools try to keep them so it’s still affordable so kids can still go to school," DeLucas said.

To pay for it the government is issuing more money through Free Application for Federal Student Aid FAFSA but that’s not covering it.

"Students can get alternative loans which can help them they can go on a payment plan most school have a payment plan set up that will help a student do that but if there are not scholarships and no help from parents basically an alternative loan is the route student," DeLucas said.

One thing students need to do for financial help is to apply for plenty of scholarships.

"Last week I applied for three scholarships and this week I’m applying for three or four more," Walton said.

Tri-Valley Senior Jessica Walton already has an academic one but doesn’t know how much financial help she will be getting so she’s attending OUZ for the first two years. She understands the important of getting her degree and she’s making a lot of sacrifices.

"I kinda want to have the independence but at the same time if I don’t have the financial I’m probably not going to move out," Walton said.

There are some schools that are affordable like OUZ and other community colleges. Walton says hopefully she will be heading to the main campus in the future.

"For the most part kids are staying around to get the first couple of years because it’s much cheaper and that way maybe they can go on and finish the two years at a bigger university," DeLucas said.

Tuition is only going to go up.