Wayne Avenue Headache Now Migraine

by Audry Kensicki on May 20, 2010 at 7:40 am

The water-line project on Wayne Avenue in Zanesville is not only causing traffic problems, it is now frustrating people who live in the area.

One resident said a recent incident with a construction worker was out of line.

Scott Caplinger and his fiance Cathy King live right in the middle of the construction on Wayne Avenue.

Wednesday, Caplinger had just picked up his step-daughter at the bus stop and was attempting to get turned into his driveway when he saw a construction worker blocking it.

"I just motioned for him to pull forward so that I could get in the driveway. He just looked at me for a couple minutes," said Caplinger.  "Finally he backed up. When I pulled in, I had my window down, he shouted out a gesture toward me."

Caplinger said the construction worker continued using profanity toward him and in front of his seven-year old step daughter, which is unacceptable in his opinion.

"It’s bad enough, dealing with it," said Caplinger. "But then to have one of the workers. This isn’t the first time they’ve blocked our driveways. They’ll just pull into the driveway and walk up or down the street. What if there is an ambulance or an emergency?"

But it doesn’t end there. After he exchanged words with the worker, Caplinger said the worker took it to the next level.

"Then he took the front end loader and scooped up all the loose gravel and a big piece of pipe and dumped it in the middle of our driveway at the end of it," said Caplinger. "And then when he was leaving, he flipped us off and took off down the road."

Caplinger said the pipe was removed this morning, but the driveway is still a mess.

WHIZ contacted Public Service Director Mike Sims who said the incident will be looked into. He said he’s not sure who the construction worker is, but he will have a talk with the crews.