Zane State Begins Campaign

by Kelly Mills on May 25, 2010 at 6:12 am

Zane State College officially kicked-off its "Building a Vibrant Community" capital campaign Tuesday night.

The school is hoping to raise $5 to $7 million dollars in the campaign. With the money they want to accomplish four initiatives. The first will be creating a scholarship endowment fund.

"We want to create a fund to support, a lot of our students are on scholarships, and need funding and that’s the major obstacle for students going to school and staying in school, so we want to create an endowment for first generation college students," says Dr. Paul Brown, Zane State President.

They also want to provide state-of-the art teaching tools, expand the Willett-Pratt Training Center in Cambridge into a full campus, and build a Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Medicine, or STEMM, center on the Zanesville campus.

"The space is needed now. We’ve had about a 63 percent growth over the last five years, so we have some capacity issues that we have to deal with. Students are continuing to come to the college, so we need to get this done as soon as we can, but it’s really going to depend a lot on how the economy rebounds," he says.

Dr. Brown says the school is also looking for federal and state funding for the projects. He says the hope to have the campaign wrapped up in about a year so they can start construction.