Zanesville Family Says Property Prone to Accidents

by Emily Baird on May 24, 2010 at 10:05 am

It happens about once a month. The homeowners at 2030 Adamsville Road say a car comes through their yard and damages their property. They say they just want to figure out what’s causing this problem.

12 accidents last year…five already this year…Homeowner Karen Herron and her husband have had a lot to deal with since they purchased this house back in 1996.

"We saw a big increase when Eastpointe went in. There’s just a lot more traffic on this road, " says Herron.

Most of the accidents only involve one car. Herron says a combination of speed, a rounding corner, and a tilt in the road is sometimes too much for drivers.

"They just can’t compensate once they ride off the side of the road. There’s no burm or anything there. They just are in the ditch, " says Herron.

While Muskingum County Commissioner John Bates says that road is on county property, he says he hasn’t received a call on the matter

"So, we’re not aware of any problems, " says Bates.

But Herron says she’s spoken with both the county commissioners and the county engineer and hasn’t gotten anywhere.

"We were told we could have a guardrail put up if they brought the material out and we took liability for the guardrail, " says Herron.

County Engineer Doug Davis says it would be the county’s liability if someone were to collide head-on into that guardrail. He says he’s spoken with Herron on multiple occasions and told her he wants to help, but there’s nothing he can do to fix the problem. He says it’s driver error, stemming from too many drivers speeding around that corner.

Herron says the problem is frustrating and she doesn’t feel as though she’s getting anywhere. So, she and her husband took matters into their own hands and placed a rock near their flower bed, which proved to be a critical choice after an accident last Friday.

"The state trooper that responded to the accident said without a doubt, if she hadn’t hit the rock that she’d have come through our house, " says Herron.

Herron says she’s afraid her luck has run out, and one of these days a car from this road is going to come through her home and seriously hurt her or her family.

"I don’t let my granddaughters play in the yard. We don’t leave our vehicles parked here. It happens all hours of the night. It’s just scary, " says Herron.

A car did actually come through the home back in 1998, causing 30-thousand dollars in damage. No one was home at the time, but money for the repairs came from the family’s own pocket. Herron was told it shoved the house two or three inches off the foundation, and she says if it gets hit one more time, the house will probably be gone for good.