90-Year-Old Woman Still Exercise Instructor

by Emily Baird on June 23, 2010 at 5:57 am

She may be 90-years-old, but Bea Alwood is kicking, stretching, and moving her hips at The Fieldhouse.

She has been a water aerobics instructor at the facility for 12 years and taught dance before that.

"My husband and I were ballroom dancers. I’ve just had exercise all my life. So, I just love every bit of it. We have fun. That’s the main thing," says Alwood.

Alwood says she loves the water because it’s so therapeutic.

"There’s things that we do in the water that you can’t do on land. Working with your legs and bringing your legs up as far as they can," says Alwood.

Alwood says she plans on teaching as long as her body will allow her to because it’s important for her to remain active.