Authorities are Enforcing the Seat Belt Law at a Local High School

by Ashley Drane on June 1, 2010 at 12:13 pm

The State Highway Patrol will be enforcing the seat belt law at a local high school and students wearing it will get a tasty treat.

As part of their Click It or Ticket It campaign the Zanesville Post of the State Highway Patrol will be at John Glenn High School Friday making sure the students are wearing their seat belt.

"As the students drive into the parking lot if they are wearing their safety belt we are going to give them a coupon for I believe it’s a free extra value meal just as token of our appreciation for making the right decision buckling up," Srgt. Merryman said.

Troopers paired up with the McDonald’s on Airport Road and they will be passing out certificates for those who are abiding by the law to Click It or Ticket It. Srgt Merryman said the students who aren’t buckled up won’t be getting a ticket or a McDonald’s coupon. He said they will just stress the importance of wearing it.

"Seat belts do a great job for what they are designed to do and thats to keep you in the car and even at low speeds your chances of being hurt in a crash are much less with your safety belt on then if you didn’t wear it," Srgt. Merryman said.

The seat belt fine in Muskingum County is $76.00.