Bulk Water Station Available

by Emily Baird on June 7, 2010 at 6:25 am

Muskingum County residents are able to get a gallon of water for the cost of one penny.

The County Water Department installed a bulk water station at 375 Richards Road.

"It’s a top-fill machine. It’s easy access in and out. This is our second one in Muskingum County. We’re looking at possibly two other locations, " says Commissioner Jerry Lavy.

The other locations the commissioners are looking at include Adamsville and Muskingum Township. Lavy says its a resource needed in this community.

"We just thought it was maybe time to make water available in a bulk situation for these people in case we have dry weather later on. I know right now it’s not dry weather, but water problems people do have with the wells, this is something they can utilize to help them take care of their situation, " says Lavy.

All you have to do is pull into the bulk water station, put your deposit in, and fill your tank up.