Camp Helps Children with Asthma

by Ashley Drane on June 21, 2010 at 12:38 pm

A summer camp is helping some kids get a breath of fresh air.

The Fieldhouse is hosting a carnival theme Asthma Camp that will help them breath easier. Rambo Memorial Health Center Nurse Joyce Bates said it’s important for children with asthma to understand their lungs.

"It teaches them the function of their lungs. What happens when they have an asthma attack. Right now we have a speaker in who is going to teach them how to teach them how to use the different kinds of inhalers, how to use their nebulizer. When they leave here we want them to be comfortable with all the medicines they have and know exactly how to use them," Bates said.

Games like blowing up ballooms is a breathing exersice for them. Bates said they also play games to help teach them to relax and breath better when they feel an attack coming on. Plus she said it’s good for kids to know others that have it too.

"It’s important for kids with asthma to know there are other children that have it too, so they don’t feel isolated. They don’t want to hide their inhalers cause they are afraid kids will laugh at them. So it gives them a chance to know that there are other kids thier same age out there who have asthma," Bates said.