Celebrate Life

by Brittany Shannon on June 6, 2010 at 8:18 am

People sharing a common struggle gathered at Genesis Bethesda Hospital to celebrate life.

Cancer survivors come together each year to celebrate overcoming their battles with Cancer. In conjunction with National Cancer Survivor Day, Genesis Bethesda Hospital holds an annual event including entertainment, food, and a chance for Cancer survivors to unite.

"Sometimes you feel like you’re alone, this shows you that there’s so many people in this world going through the same thing and we all feel a special bond whether we know each other or not," says Public Relations Specialist Nancy Ring.

Entertainment was provided by the Blues Brothers and the St. Paul AME Choir. Anyone was invited to attend the event, and many cancer survivors brought family and friends.

"It’s a barrel of fun. Every time i come I’m amazed at the entertainment and the friendliness and how people love each other and just love to be here," says Cancer survivor Mona Moody.

"Everyone treats you like they’ve known you all your life," says Cancer survivor Priscilla Murray.

The event has been running at Genesis Bethesda for more than 20 years.