City Council Meeting

by Brittany Shannon on June 28, 2010 at 10:12 am

Community members packed Council tonight to discuss a highly debated issue.

Due to the Mcintire Avenue Project being tabled at the last City Council meeting, tonight, community members representing both sides of the argument were able to express their thoughts and opinions.

"What I think we have to keep in mind is that even though we may oppose each other over particular issues, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the other person’s ideas are necessarily wrong or to be completely disregarded," says Councilman Mark Baker.

While those opposing rezoning the former YMCA site feel very strongly about preserving it’s residential history, those in favor of American Pride see it as an opportunity for economic growth.

"The eventual rezoning if and when it does occur, will aide Zanesville greatly in the expansion of business and i think that comes at a particularly crucial time in Zanesville’s history when we need to create a climate that better-fosters and better-facilitates the creation and expansion of jobs," says Councilman Baker.

The rezoning issue will go into its second reading on July 12.

In other council news, in an emergency clause, City Council passed funding for the Zanesville-Muskingum County Port Authority. Council also passed legislation updating the civil service rules and regulations for Zanesville.

Councilman Baker also wants challenge people to get involved with Crime Stoppers. Anyone interested is asked to call the councilman or the City Clerk’s Office for more information.