City Council Tables Top Issue

by Brittany Shannon on June 14, 2010 at 9:32 am

Some attended City Cuncil tonight in hopes of hearing about plans to revise and rezone the former Mskingum Cunty YMCA property. However, a motion to table the legislation sent many people home.

The ordinance would rezone the property turning it from a residential site to a commercial site. Councilman Grant Hutcheson made the motion to table indefinitely saying he supports the ordinance, but wants to know what the community thinks.

"I’m still a yes, however, i’m looking for my constituents to tell me otherwise, tell me the reason they feel we should not rezone," says Councilman Hutcheson.

Councilman Hutcheson plans to hold a public forum on June 23 at 6:30pm to give the community the opportunity to share their thoughts and concerns.

"There’s other stipulations that could also be amended to this rezoning legislation, and i just feel that it’s best to get out there and find out what our constituents, it’s not so much my consituents but the city in general, what they want," says Hutcheson.

The legislation will be brought up at the next City Council meeting on June 28.

In other Council news, an ordinance that would provide $100,000 to the Zanesville-Muskingum County Port Authority for operational expenses moves on to its final reading along with the an ordinance that requires new regulaitons to foreclosed, vacant and abandoned properties.