Code Yellow Sends Genesis Into Action

by Brittany Shannon on June 3, 2010 at 8:18 am

When tragedy strikes, hospitals go into overdrive. At Genesis Good Samaritan, they have codes for all types of situations, and yesterday they had to use one of them.

In an effort to bring together as much help as possible, Good Samaritan sends out a page to notify employees of an extreme emergency situation. After the Tri-Valley school bus tragedy yesterday, the plan was enacted.

"We went ahead and implemented our code yellow which is our mass casualty disaster plan which allows us to quickly draw all the hospital resources to the ED to deal with whatever is going on in the community, " says Registered Nurse and Director of Emergency and Trauma at Genesis, David Davis.

Davis says that within five minutes of the page, there were about 75 Genesis staff members in the Emergency Department.

"We had a great internal response not just from nursing and not just from doctors but security was here, pastoral care was here. Someone from dietary just from hearing the page immediately brought us up a whole big cart of sandwiches and extra pop and extra food for families and for staff. Just things went very very well."

Acting quickly is important, and yesterday, the staff was able to evaluate the injured children and send them home.