County Taking Action Against Mosquito Problem

by Ashley Drane on June 28, 2010 at 1:50 am

The annual battle against mosquitoes is underway in our area.

The Muskingum County Health Department says since last  Friday they have had 80 complains from residents about the pesky bug.

"We’re spraying based on a complaint basis. We’ve been going out in the evenings depending on the amount of complaints we get last week. We went out two times and we’ll be going out again this week until we get all the complaints caught up," Sanitarian Adam Dickerson said.

Crews will be spraying about dusk since they is when mosquitoes are most active. The effort will kill most of the mosquitoes within 300 feet of the cloud. Dickerson said the they have been multiplying like crazy the last few weeks because of the all the rain. One way to avoid the mosquitoe problem is to remove any standing water on your property.

"If you want to report a mosquito problem call the Health Department’s Hotline at 740-454-9741 EXT. 300.