Dillon Lake in Good Shape

by Brittany Shannon on June 23, 2010 at 5:30 am

The Army Corp of Engineers is keeping an eye to the sky since this has been a rainy stretch of days. Dillon Lake Project Manager Clifton Kilpatrick says Dillon Lake, a flood control device, is in good shape for this time of year.

The US Army Corps of Engineers is responsible for Dillon Lake and the surrounding areas. They were prepared for heavy rainfall, but say it didn’t create many problems for the lake which is in good condition at summer pool.

"It wasn’t a great impact to the areas, it’s kind of localized. We’re releasing about five feet at the outflow coming downstream," says Clifton Kilpatrick, Project Manager.

Kilpatrick says that they monitor different parts of the river which allows them to keep track of how much water is coming down-river and what is below the dam. Currently, there aren’t too many problems.

"We do watch downstream very closely, fortunately for us in one respect it hasn’t been a very wide area, it’s been pretty much localized however on the down side of that there is the possibility that being localized you can have some flash flooding in some areas," says Kilpatrick.

The McConnelsville area is creating some concern as it usually does. Officials are keeping an eye on flood potential on the Muskingum River.