Downtown Zanesville Gets Planted

by Kelly Mills on June 8, 2010 at 5:45 am

Area gardeners are donating their time to make downtown Zanesville a little brighter this summer.

The Muskingum Valley Garden Society spent Tuesday afternoon filling the planters on Main Street, at the Welcome Center and in front of City Hall.

"We realize that we get a lot of sun and we try to pick those kinds of petunias that will really make a splash, don’t need a lot of maintenance and also the central plants are the same way. They won’t have to have a lot of maintenance, because everyone seems to be tied up for time," says Darlene Turner, volunteer coordinator.

In its third year the Society is adding new planters and the flower pots along the Y-bridge.

"Our biggest hold up was how to get these watered since we don’t have a great watering system here in the community, but we’ve been able to work out an irrigation system here that we’re going to be putting in in the next couple weeks and with that they will irrrigators that will come up into the pots and irrigate those pots," she says.

The flowers are paid for by the downtown businesses. The gardeners volunteer their time for the upkeep throughout the summer.