Finished Highway Cuts Commute

by Brittany Shannon on June 17, 2010 at 7:22 am

The commute from Granville to the Columbus area just got shorter. Today the 170-million dollar phase two of State Route 161 opened and

If life is a highway, this one’s looking pretty nice.

Phase two of the widening and relocation project runs through Licking County, but people from all over southeast Ohio are benefiting already.

"This completion of this portion of this interstate really helps us out, because I’ve been here on these mornings on this two lane highway," says Dan Bybee, Division Claim Manager for State Farm Insurance.

But two lanes no more. The highway now has four lanes and has many important safety features. But busy business-people aren’t the only ones to benefit. Many students are taking advantage as well.

"It’s going to cut down on time, about ten minutes to get from where we live out in Pataskala to the campus, and since I work on the campus, it’s going to cut down on time to get to work," says Central Ohio Technical College student Tabitha Dye.

"I’m heading to Zanesville to be with family, so I have to take Route 161," says Dan Ardrey, a student at Ohio State Newark.

The highway isn’t only going to cut down on transportation time, but it will warrant economic growth.

"Moving Ohio into a prosperous new world. When you move Ohio, you move people you move product, you move goods you move businesses and you do it in a way that creates economic development that makes Ohio thrive," says ODOT Director Jolene Molitoris.

Director Molitoris wants people to remember, construction isn’t a bad thing if it turns out to be anything like this.

"Let’s cheer for the orange barrels!"