Fireworks: What’s Legal, and What’s Not

by Brittany Shannon on June 30, 2010 at 5:59 am

With the Fourth of July comes fireworks, but do you know which are legal to use. WHIZ has useful tips that will keep you out of trouble.

In the state of Ohio there are three types of fireworks, but there’s only one kind that are legal for personal use.

"Essentially we’re back to novelty fireworks and that’s the only thing that’s really legal to use in the state," says Fire Chief of the Zanesville Fire Department, Dave Lacy.

Chief Lacy says that novelty fireworks are anything that snaps, sparkles, snakes or smokes. The second type is called consumer fireworks and can be found along many interstates in Ohio.

"The catch in the law in consumer fireworks is that they’re legal to buy in the state of Ohio but they’re not legal to shoot," says Chief Lacy.

The third type of fireworks Chief Lacy refers to will be on display at many venues throughout the weekend and are only set off by professionals with a license.