Flood Plain Regulations Require Minor Tweaking

by Brittany Shannon on June 28, 2010 at 6:38 am

After being passed almost a month ago, new flood plain regulations come before the Muskingum County Commissioners for some minor tweaking.

A public hearing was held today at the County Commissioner’s to present slightly revised maps and regulations concerning the flood plains.

"They were revised because three words were left out, the three words were ‘and incorporated areas’ which referenced the new maps that we had," says Muskingum County Flood Plain Coordinator, Ray Mennega.

Without those three words, the documents would not be official. An additional public hearing will be held this Thursday.

"Once that’s been certified and published then FEMA will accept the new regulations," says Mennega.

Mennega wants to remind those who reside in the flood plain areas that insurance is required for those who carry a mortgage.