Governor Strickland Visits Cambridge

by Brittany Shannon on June 16, 2010 at 5:09 am

The governor was in Cambridge today at the Zane State Willet Pratt Training Center to speak about how the college and the Appalachian Regional Commission are working to improve and invest in the people of Appalachia.

The ARC has worked to improve many areas of Appalachia including roadways, sewer and water systems, and educational institutions like Zane State. Governor Strickland was able to speak with one student whose experience at Zane State has changed her life.

"Quite frankly it touched my heart, brought tears to my eyes. She talked about having a job where she felt unappreciated and disrespected and she said i thought to myself I’m better than that and she was driving by and she saw the college and she stopped and she said I want to go to college," says Governor Ted Strickland.

Having these resources available in Cambridge is a great benefit to the community. It provides the opportunity to start a new career, and opens up jobs.

"That’s the real heart of our two-year college is taht we’re well connected to the community. We’re well connected to business and give them the skills that they need," says Zane State President, Dr. Paul Brown.

"Good things are happening here. People are improving their lives, acquiring new skills, so I’m a hug supporter of Zane State and of higher education in general," says Governor Strickland.

The governor was also in Steubenville today to discuss how the state is helping to create 200 jobs at Wildfire Motors.