Gus Macker Registration Begins

by Kelly Mills on June 4, 2010 at 4:35 am

Gus Macker volunteers were busy registering participants Friday afternoon.

Teams were able to beat the crowds Saturday by getting signed in early.

"We have I think almost 500 teams registered and you can imagine how it would be if we had that many teams coming at once, so we usually get a lot of kids tonight with their parents mainly and then the adults will come tomorrow and register," says Teanna Hrinko, committee member.

If you didn’t make Friday’s registration there’s still time Saturday before the tournament kicks-off.

"Registration opens at 7 o’clock and then opening ceremonies are at 8’clock where some of the local officials will be there and stuff, throw the first basketball, and then we have our slam dunk contest at 6 o’clock on the top men and women’s court located on 5th Street," she says.

Hrinko says starting registration early gives those out-of-towners a chance to get signed in and settled in their hotels so they have a chance to enjoy Zanesville before the games begin.