History on the Auction Block

by Brittany Shannon on June 12, 2010 at 5:07 am

Pieces of history were on the auction block today and people took everything, maybe even the kitchen sink.

Before it’s demolition, Wilson Elementary School held an auction to sell desks, file cabinets and even the sign on the front of the school. Butler Realty and Auction Service was there to handle the sale.

"The large items was the kitchen equipment. We had the opportunity to sell to a couple local schools, we thought that was nice, it was going to stay in the community. Most of the people are coming out for memorabilia, they’re coming out for desks and chairs, and even some coat hooks," says Jay Butler of Butler Realty and Auction Service.

Community members, and even some former students came out to see what they could find at the auction. Michelle Jordan was the principal at Wilson Elementary.

"It’s amazing, i never thought there would be this many people here and wanting, you know, the desks and the tables and bookshelves and those types of things. A lot of teachers from other districts are here getting things that they need for their classrooms also," says Jordan.

The next auction is slated for June 26 at Zanesville High School.