Hot McIntire Avenue Issue Generates Much Opinion

by Brittany Shannon on June 23, 2010 at 10:11 am

Community members met Wednesday night to discuss the highly debated former YMCA property in Zanesville.

For some people like Robert Guard, the property located just off of McIntire Avenue is in their neighborhood.

"I’ve got the same understanding as the majority of the people in this town, do some of them care? We do, I live up there," says Robert Guard, a resident of Sunset Avenue.

They want that property to remain residential. They’d rather see it become a park, not the new site for American Pride, a local business.

If council decides to rezone the property it would allow American Pride to move their business onto the site, but those opposing it say a business is not what they need there.

"The residents feel very strongly up there that it’s encroaching on our neighborhood to have them because once this starts then where does it stop," says Guard.

Those supporting American Pride’s move say it would do a lot of good for the community.

"Projects like this are exactly what we need to support to keep this community growing and doing it in the right way," says local small business owner, Darren Tigner.

"I don’t see any way that you could stand out there and look at the property now and look at what’s planned there and say that it’s not going to be a plus," says Brian King of Lepi Enterprises.

Councilman Grant Hutcheson encourages members of the community to express their thoughts.

"I learned some things tonight, I’m still neutral. I just want to encourage the constituents to contact council members and voice their opinions," says Hutcheson.

For those wanting to hear more, the issue will be on the table at next week’s council meeting.