Law Enforcement on the Run

by Brittany Shannon on June 24, 2010 at 6:48 am

For once, local law enforcement officers were on the run, but it was for a great cause.

The annual Law Enforcement Torch Run came through Zanesville . A series of torch relays are held throughout the state and end in Columbus to start up the Special Olympics Ohio State Games. Today, officers started outside of Cambridge, and made their way to Zanesville.

"Tomorrow we’ll take off from the Y Bridge, and run on into Columbus. These guys love it. When you make these stops and you see these Special Olympians they’re just tickled to death," says Kay Perkins, a sergeant for the State Highway Patrol.

Many local organizations and businesses have donated time and resources into making this years’ Special Olympics special for every athlete.

"On the opening ceremonies tomorrow evening when we run into the stadium, you can’t imagine, it’s unbelievable and that’s what hooks you, that’s what hooks you," says Sergeant Perkins.

12 athletes from Muskingum County will be participating in the Special Olympics in bocce, bowling, and track.