Nichole Hannahs

Miba holds Grand Opening for Plant

by Nichole Hannahs on June 29, 2010 at 3:03 am

A little over a month from now a line of fuel efficient engine parts will role off the lines of the Miba plant in McConnelsville. Tuesday, officials of the company headquartered in Austria celebrated the grand opening. WHIZ’s Nichole Medaugh has the details.

While some may question Miba decision to bring a multi-million dollar company to rural Ohio, Miba CEO said the decision was quite easy.

"First of all it is customers as you know and we know they provide and order the jobs and the closer we are with them the more we can manage their business," said Peter Mitterbauger CEO of Miba Group.

Governor Ted Strickland added, "Ohio’s economy like the rest of the economy has had it’s challenges in the last few months but I believe we are seeing the bottoming out of the recession."

Helping to relieve the area’s struggles is the addition of 80 jobs to the already established 160 at the plant.

"The people that live in this area know that meaning of hard work and are willing to work hard and we’re very proud of the workforce in Ohio," said Gov. Strickland.

Miba ships engine parts to companies including Daimler, Caterpillar and General Electric and has invested $30 million into their McConnelsville production site.

"Our core value was always technological leadership we definitely try hard to develop superior technologies for the future," said Mitterbauger.

Not  only will these parts be shipped throughout the United States they may also end up in China.

"The Chinese engine manufacturing is Wu Shi and it’s technology is similar to Daimler and uses top notch equipment," said Wolfgang Litzlbauer CEO Miba Company.

The plant will be fully operational by August.