Monitoring Dillon Dam

by Emily Baird on June 9, 2010 at 7:21 am

The Army Corps of Engineers is keeping a close eye on Dillon Lake and the downstream into the Muskingum River.

The area has received four inches of rain over the past several days.

"We monitored McConnelsville particularly from Saturday all the way through Saturday night and up until Sunday morning-in the event that it might take a pretty significant rise. We were going to immediately shut down," says project manager, Cliff Kilpatrick.

Shutting down would mean blocking the amount of cubic feet per second of water released from the dam. Dillon lake did reach a higher level, which Kilpatrick says doesn’t surprise him.

"So, we have almost 800 square miles of drainage area. A lot of water can pour into this one little location at one time, " says Kilpatrick.

The state park officials were notified and did have to make adjustments with docks near the water.

Kilpatrick says they will continue to monitor the water levels as we are expected to receive more rain later in the week.