More Drivers Buckle Up

by Ashley Drane on June 14, 2010 at 12:52 pm

The HIghway Patrol says more people are buckling up for safety when they drive.

Zanesville Post  Lieutenant Steven Rine today released the numbers for the "Click It or Ticket" Campaign.

"We’re seeing more people wearing their belts which is something that we like to see. We like to see more response to the seat belt because it holds you in your vehicle," Lt. Rine said.

He said this year 4% more drivers are buckling up.

"Due to a lot of different technology increases and driver inattention with an increase with traffic crashes or if you may become involved with a traffic crash the safest place is seat belted into the vehicle," Lt. Rine said.

The click it or ticket campaign is designed to raise awareness about the importance of wearing a seat belt.