Muskingum County Recount

by Emily Baird on June 1, 2010 at 6:55 am

The Muskingum County Board of Elections is done counting ballots for the 18th District Republican candidate.

It held its official automatic recount this morning.

Executive Director Chris Hamill says it’s a time-consuming process that took them about three hours to complete.

"We take 5% of the count for that race. We had to come up with a number, which was 360. Then we have to draw each precinct to get to that number so we can recount the candidates’ votes in that race, " says Hamill.

Hamill says she wasn’t surprised that the automatic recount was called.

"I saw figures from the official recount, and that pretty much said that we were going to have an automatic recount, " says Hamill.

All Boards of Elections who have constituents in the 18th District, were required to hold the automatic recount by June 4th.

Hamill says the results stayed the same here in Muskingum County. Jeanette Moll had the most votes, Fred Dailey came in second place, and Bob Gibbs was in third.