New EPA Guidelines Require Course

by Brittany Shannon on June 15, 2010 at 6:10 am

Lead Awareness Week lets people know that lead poisoning is a serious issue. That’s why the EPA has taken steps to ensure that proper guidelines are in place for those handling lead-based-paint.

The EPA made new guidelines for those working around potentially hazardous lead-based-paint. The guidelines went into effect on April 22, and requires that any paid contractor who is working on a space of six-square-feet on a pre-1978 home, must be certified.

"All contractors, plumbers, electricians, painters, even landlords and maintenance personnel that are working in pre 1978 homes must be lead safe certified," says Kim Foster, Coordinator of Southeast Ohio Regional Resource Center for lead poisoning and healthy homes.

To be lead-safe-certified, businesses need to apply and have a member of their firm attend an eight-hour course. Currently, there are no local courses, but if enough local businesses are interested, an instructor could come to Muskingum County.

"They can either contact the Health Department here, myself or Tim Smith with the city of Zanesville and just let them know that they’re interested," says Foster.

Anyone interested in taking this course can can call the health department or you can also go to