New Water Plant Underway

by Brittany Shannon on June 3, 2010 at 6:02 am

The new plant will be located next to the current building on North River Road and will provide office space, a lab, and will be much more efficient.

"It will be all automated, all up-to-date with everything. We’re going to go from 7.5 million gallons a day to 10 million gallons per day pumping, so, and everything will be brand new, " says Water Superintendent, Paul Mills.

The $16.1 million-dollar project will enable the plant to do things that it couldn’t do before.

"New laboratory, bacterial laboratory. [Which] we send out our bacterial samples now to be tested, 40 a month. We’ll be able to do that ourselves "

Kokosing is the contractor, and they hope to have the project completed within two years.