Ohio Tornado Damage

by Emily Baird on June 7, 2010 at 6:34 am

Officials say the northwest Ohio tornado that killed five people over the weekend left behind an area that looks like a war zone. The damage is estimated to be a cost of at least $100,000,000.

The storms hit at a time when many people were unprotected, in their sleep.

"Unless you have those weather alert radios, those ones that come on automatically, no, there’s not much you can do unless you’re a light sleeper and here the noise. But from what I heard, they didn’t even have that kind of warning up there, " says Muskingum Valley Red Cross Executive Director, Dan Hartman.

The American Red Cross has disaster action teams providing food and water to those in need. Shelters have also been set up.

Hartman says the way you handle a situation like this one, is determine who was hit the hardest and move from there.

The storms that devastated that portion of the state also brought flooding to southeastern Ohio.

"Basement flooding more than anything else because flash floods, when you get that large amount of rain that hammers a certain area, we responded to two homes up on the north end that at least had four feet of water in their basement, " says Hartman.

Hartman was referring to the north end of Zanesville, near Maple Avenue. The Muskingum Valley Red Cross was able to give these homes supplies as they begin sorting through a damp, dreary mess.