Once a Dad, ForeverDads

by Brittany Shannon on June 26, 2010 at 5:39 am

Though Father’s Day has passed, ForeverDads celebrate the gift of fatherhood in a special way today.

ForeverDads held their seventh annual All-Star-Dad’s Day to give fathers and their families a chance to spend quality time together at the Muskingum Family Y.

"For me the best part is seeing new faces of fathers I’ve never met before with their families and i think the best thing is just seeing the smile on children’s faces," says Burl Lemon, Executive Director of ForeverDads.

Food, swimming, a moon bounce, and even three-legged races filled the afternoon. Children and fathers say that the most important thing is the time they spend together.

"Its important. My daughters are the most important things in my life and being able to spend time with them and that’s one of the biggest things in my life," says dad, Mike Hardbarger.

His daughter, Caylen says her favorite part of the day. "We get to spend time with our dad and a lot of other things."

The event was free to the community and was held from noon to 7p.m.