Record Swim Turnout in Dresden

by Emily Baird on June 23, 2010 at 6:07 am

June is proving to be a hot month across the state, with most days recording a temperature of 80 degrees or higher, and that’s been great news for local pools, including the Dresden Swim Center.

"We’ve been very busy. As far as for the month of June, for the first couple weeks we’ve had a record June. Pool memberships are up as well as punch card and daily admission, " says Swim Center Manager, Lindsay Conley.

People aren’t just coming out to get in the water though.

"We’ve always been kind of a sun worshipper facility, but we’ve had people take part in aerobics and our swim lessons, " says Conley.

While there have been scattered thunderstorms some afternoons, which have forced swimmers out of the pool, Conley says most seem to wait it out for a chance to get back in the water and take part in this summer activity.