SASI Camp Teaches Self Defense

by Brittany Shannon on June 11, 2010 at 6:10 am

A local day camp is teaching young girls the importance of a healthy self image, and today they learned some moves that could even save their lives.

It might just look like arts and crafts time, but beyond the glue and scissors, the lessons that these third through fifth graders are learning go much deeper.

"We just focus on developmental assets a lot of self esteem, making good decisions, and we combine that with a lot of fun, creative things to keep the kids coming and interested in it," says Muskingum Behavioral Health Director Kris Headley.

It’s called SASI, which stands for Simply Assets and Self Image and their mission is to provide lessons toward building a healthy self esteem for young girls.

"This camp is extremely important for girls they have fun and they learn about so many different things, and i don’t really know a pre-teen who couldn’t use a little bit of self esteem boosting," says Headley.

Camp members spend a lot of time in the classroom doing arts and crafts and other things, but today, they got a special lesson in self defense.

"It’s teaching me if somebody’s trying to get me i have self defense and i will grab onto somebody else to get them involved in something so i won’t get hurt," says fifth grader, Tasia Staunton.

Teaching young girls self defense is an important part of SASI camp.

"Well we’re talking about their whole self esteem all together and one of the parts is protecting yourself. Be careful who you’re around and if you get yourself into danger how to get yourself out because that’s important in today’s society," says Headley.