Saved From the Dumps

by Brittany Shannon on June 29, 2010 at 6:10 am

Zanesville School District’s "trash" became many community members "treasure."

The last of three auctions was held at Zanesville High School this past weekend, and community members lined up to see what was up for sale.

"You look at the prices of some of this stuff and you say what you just give it away, and you say well you’re just going to throw it in the trash anyway so it was better than to get something out of it than nothing," says Construction Liaison Darrell Lear.

The school district has made close to $20,000 throughout the three auctions. They are now moving forward into the demolition stage.

"It’s going well and we’re, everything is geared forward to get the new buildings opened up in September 7, the first day of school," says Lear.

All money raised throughout the auctions goes into the Zanesville School District general fund.