Senator Bob Gibbs Rallys Support

by Brittany Shannon on June 12, 2010 at 5:00 am

In his campaign for the 18th Congressional District Seat, State Senator Bob Gibbs dropped by a Zanesville business today.

Local voters and supporters who were gathered at Heavenly Ham had the opportunity to meet and speak with Senator Gibbs about his campaign. Being a farmer and businessman, Senator Gibbs says he can identify with the people.

"I’ve ran my own businesses, started my own businesses. I’ve had employees. I like to say I’ve written on both sides of a paycheck and I know what it’s like every day to day; the business challenges people face because I’ve been there," says Senator Gibbs. 

Senator Gibbs says his primary goals include reducing federal spending and creating more jobs.

"We actually need to lower some taxes and encourage investment and I have confidence in the private sector if they have and feel confident, we’ll grow the economy that way and you’ll see jobs come about."

If you would like more information on Senator Gibbs’ campaign, you can go to