Shred Day at the Bank

by Brittany Shannon on June 12, 2010 at 4:58 am

Worried about identity theft? North Valley Bank and Confidential Mobile Shredding are making it easy to keep yourself protected.

CMS, a shredding company out of Zanesville, was at North Valley Bank for community members to come and to shred old tax records, or private documents for free.

"It’s very important we all hear every day on the news about fraud, identity theft, and this is just one way to prevent that. Just get rid of some of that old stuff that can be thrown away and not just put in the trash to be hauled away by the dumps, people can get it," says North Valley Bank Loan Processor, Cindy Freriks.

North Valley Bank suggests that people contact their CPA for information on how long to keep documents.

"We have a retention schedule. A suggested retention schedule that we give to folks if they want to know how long to keep things," says Freriks.

The bank was also taking donations for the animal shelter.