Special Deer Hunting Sessions

by Emily Baird on June 27, 2010 at 7:18 am

The deer population is increasing across the state of Ohio.

While that means good news for hunters, it’s causing some problems at some of the state’s nature preserves. The Ohio Department of Natural Resources Division of Natural Areas and Preserves says one such negative impact is that the state’s wildflower, the large flowered trillium, can no longer be found at some of these sites because the areas are being over-browsed for deer.

So, it’s planning to hold special archery deer hunts at 16 of these nature preserves, including Blackhand Gorge in Licking County. There will be 4, two-week hunting sessions and 1 week-long hunting session between September 25th and November 27th.

To learn more about these hunts, visit www.ohiodnr.com.