Staying Fit While Pregnant

by Kelly Mills on June 11, 2010 at 6:39 am

Keeping physically fit while pregnant is important to expectant mothers and their unborn children.

"Pregnant women definitely should be exercising during their pregnancy. It alleviates a lot of the discomforts associated with the pregnancy, it increases their immune system, just overall gives them an improved self-confidence," says Julie Bay, exercise physiologist.

Obstetrician Dr. Robert Aepli agrees saying women just need to be careful.

"Common sense has to be the rule of law. During exercising and pregnancy you should not do anything that makes your feel overly tired or uncomfortable," he says.

If your pregnancy is causing you a lot of discomfort you could head to your local pool for a work out.

"It obviously alleviates discomforts with the joints, so if you have an osteo-arthritic client that’s pregnant or just from the weight gain and so forth it being kind of wear and tear on the joint, does alleviate some of those discomforts," says Bay.

When working out keeping comfortable and cool is important.

"Also, very important that when pregnant women are exercising that they don’t become over heated. It can cause neural tube defects to the baby, so they definitely want to be safe exercise in a cool facility, with nice vented clothing and stay hydrated," says Bay.

Making sure you and your baby stay healthy, could be as easy as bringing a friend along or your cell phone.

"There are many people who say that you should use the talking rule. That is when you’re exercising you should be able to talk freely and not be short of breath," says. Dr. Aepli.

There are also some exercises you should watch out for.

"Ligament pulls are more common in pregnancy and you want to stay away from activities and exercises that do that," says Aepli.

And after the first trimester stay away from exercises done on your back.

"Just because of the compression of the Vena Cava which delivers blood flow to the heart, just can be very dangerous for mom and baby, so that’s why we want them upright, in a seated position, or on their side," says Bay.

Also do not do anything that could cause possible injury to your abdominal area and check with your personal doctor to make sure your workout routine is right for you.

Next Friday I’ll be covering the infamous pregnancy cravings.