Storms Cause ZHS Problems

by Brittany Shannon on June 10, 2010 at 6:34 am

The big rain and thunderstorm last Friday left some problems behind for Zanesville High School’s football stadium.

Due to the construction on the new high school, there is a significant amount of loose dirt, and when mixed with heavy rain, the runoff flowed into the stadium causing many problems.

"Unfortunately, we had about five inches of rain in about an hour or two last Friday and the runoff from our new construction from the hillside, the barriers were not able to hold that runoff so we had a lot of mud, water that came down the hillside went into our stadium caused some damage there," says Athletic Director Scott Aronhalt.

Water and mud seeped onto the turf field as well as into the locker rooms. Currently, crews have managed to remove most of the mud that was covering the track.

"The negative was it happened. We couldn’t control it, but the exciting thing is that Quandel, our building group at the high school and Motes group who did our turf and Current Surfaces, who did the track, they’re working well with us," says Aronhalt.

Aronhalt hopes that the stadium will be cleaned up within two weeks.