Survey Helps Bring Money to Community

by Ashley Drane on June 3, 2010 at 11:47 am

One group says if the community fills out a survey they may be able to get a grant to improve their neighborhood.

Zanesville Community Development Director Stacy Clapper held a public meeting at Abbot to tell residents on the east side of Zanesville about the Neighborhood Revitalization Program. Clapper says these meetings are to talk to people about the projects that they plan to work on if they get the grant and which ones are the most important to the public.

"It would help us with infrastructure improvements in the area and we’re interested in seeing what they would like to have happen many times they tells us about improvements they would like in the park they’ll talk about improvements they would like on their own street those types of things," Clapper said.

The grant is a competitive one and the more people who fill out the surveys and send them in, the more of a chance they will win the money and bring it to the area.

"We sent a survey out to all the residents of the east end investment area and we would like them to complete those surveys and return them either to our office they can do that by fax or by mail or by dropping them off we also encourage them to come and particulate in our public meetings," Clapper said.

The next public meeting is Monday June 7th at 6:00 at the Senior Center. If they win, the $400,00 grant would come to our area to help with the water line on Grant, the sewer project, and the paving of several streets and more.