Teeing off for Women

by Brittany Shannon on June 28, 2010 at 6:31 am

People were teeing off Monday to help women attend Zane State College.

The second-annual Drive for Women Golf Outing was held at Zanesville Country Club.

"About two thirds of our students are female and many of them come with significant financial needs to meet the cost of going to college, so what today is all about is women helping other women get a chance at a good paying career that could result from a good college education," says Executive Director of Zane State College Foundation, Pamela Jira.

LPGA player and Zanesville native, Michele Redman helped to organize the event. The day started off with participants getting some helpful pointers from the pro.

"It’s nice, I love doing things to help people and actually Mike Durant, the head professional here, helped me get this going and I’m really enjoying doing it," says Michele Redman.

Aside from golfing, the day also included a luncheon, as well as a 50-foot putting contest. Redman plans on making the event even better for next year.