Three Arrested For Breaking Into Cars

by Ashley Drane on June 24, 2010 at 4:45 am

Zanesville Police say three people are now behind bars after breaking into cars late Wednesday night in Zanesville.

Zaneville Police Captain Mike Baker said around 10:00 last night a caller from Woodlawn Avenue told them they saw people going through parked cars. Baker says two people from Cambridge have now been arrested.  They are identified as Paul Willey and Heidi Willey.  Baker says the couple is wanted in Cambridge for possible thefts too.

"It’s a target of opportunity. If you don’t lock your car up somebody will check the door handle and riffle through your car and steal whatever’s valuable," Capt. Baker said.

Baker saId the hot weather may be helping increase crimes.

"A lot of people don’t have air conditioning criminals don’t have air conditioning so when the temperature goes up at night they can’t sleep so they do what they do," Capt. Baker said.

Also just after midnight in a seperate incident, Police say they arrested 49 year old Charles Hamilton for thefts in the 7th and Shinnick Street area.

 Baker says all three people are now facing charges.