Twilight Fans Pack Theater

by Emily Baird on June 29, 2010 at 8:33 am

Twilight fans are taking over the Cinemark Movie Theater at the Colony Square Mall.

Four screens are showing the midnight release of the "Twilight Saga: Eclipse." All four theaters are sold out, housing a total of about 1,000 movie-goers.

Staff say people started waiting in line around 10 a.m., including 24-year-old Amanda Johnston, who was first in line.

"I want to get the best seats. I got the worst seats last time, and it wasn’t very fun. Plus, the best experience about ‘Eclipse’ and going to the premiere is being here all day, " says Johnston.

Johnston brought chairs and a blanket, and she came armed with other items to pass the time away.

"I’ve just been playing Twilight games, looking at my Twilight books, visiting with people, and making friends," says Johnston.

But there was one factor dividing most of the crowd. Do you favor vampires or werewolves?

"I’m team Jacob, and she’s team Edward. So, her shirt says ‘I like my men cold, dead, and sparkly.’ Mine says ‘You can have your prince charming. I want a werewolf with a six pack,’ " says 16-year-old Olivia McLaughlin and 17-year-old Kandee Ferrell.

McLaughlin says says she believes there are so many Twilight followers because people can relate to the love triangle theme presented in the movies and the books.