Unemployment Extension Important for Local Food Pantries

by Brittany Shannon on June 3, 2010 at 6:07 am

For those on unemployment, it’s called the waiting game.

The house approved a bill that would extend unemployment benefits into November, but with the Senate on vacation until June 7, jobless benefits will expire before it is voted upon. US Congressman Zack Space talks about why these benefits are important for local places like Christ’s Table.

"Without those funds, places like this go away and when places like this go away, we’ve got a lot of Americans, again, Americans who work hard all their lives or are working hard now and can’t afford to feed their families, there’s something terribly wrong when that happens," says Congressman Zack Space.

If the Senate does not act on the unemployment extension there will be a greater demand at Christ’s Table as well as other food pantries.

"The extension for the unemployment is very important because we’re seeing a big increase here. Since January we’re almost 1,300 meals over last year which is a little scary, " says Gretchen Sayre, the executive director of Christ’s Table.

While most of the food is donated to Christ’s table, the cost to operate is where they need assistance.