Work(out) on the Job

by Brittany Shannon on June 23, 2010 at 5:27 am

While most folks are staying cool in the break room, Cathy Capunay is breaking a sweat.

"Lunch time is about the only time I can squeeze it in," says Capunay.

She works pretty close, and finds time to work out during her hour-long lunch break.

"I use my lunch hour, i work really close so i can either run over on my lunch hour or I drive over and I have time to go back over and get a quick shower and back to work."

But it’s not just to stay in shape.

"It means everything to me, because it’s not just physical it’s a little mental release too so it works perfect at lunch."

But not everyone has the ability to work out during their lunch break, for them there are other options.

"Instead of on that lunch break sitting there and gabbing with your coworkers, take a walk outside, bring an extra pair of tennis shoes," says fitness coach, Alaina Durfee.

And remember, before you hit that button to hop on the elevator, remember to take healthy steps and use the stairs.

"On your lunch break, if there’s a quiet room you can go into, maybe do some stretching, do some yoga, but things like pushups and crunches are always a huge thing to strengthen that core," says Durfee.

Be well, be healthy, and remember that workouts can be squeezed into any schedule.