Yard Sale Benefits School

by Brittany Shannon on June 19, 2010 at 6:47 am

Today was a special day at the Bishop Fenwick yard sale, some items were on…sale.

All starred items were half-priced, and being the second to last day of the sale, they were hoping to sell as much as possible. But if you couldn’t make it today, you can come back tomorrow and you might get a real bargain.

"Tomorrow is a special day as well. It’s Sunday from two to three. Items here are a dollar," says chairperson of the event, Kelly

While the yard sale benefits the community, it also helps out families of students who attend the school.

"It helps me with tuition especially this time of year. Tuition is due coming up here in July so it helps me to give a little kick toward my tuition especially with three kids in the school," says parent Amy Moore.

Any items that aren’t sold at the sale are donated to various charities throughout the community.