Zanesville Man Keeps Police at Bay: UPDATE

by Brittany Shannon on June 29, 2010 at 6:07 am

A hearing has been set in a domestic abuse incident that police say happened Monday afternoon in Zanesville.

The Zanesville Police Department says it received a call that the suspect, 33-year-old Paul Mullet, tried to throw his live-in girlfriend off of the roof of a home while she was trying to escape. He then fled. Police say he later returned to the scene around 9p.m. locking himself in the attic threatening to do himself harm.

"Officers responded to 328 Abington Avenue and there was a short standoff about a half hour or so, they used some pepper spray in the attic and he emerged and they placed him under arrest," says Captain Mike Baker of the Zanesville Police Department.

Mullett appeared in Zanesville Municipal Court this morning and plead not guilty to charges of domestic violence and resisting arrest. His bond was set at $2,500 cash and a hearing date is set for August 6.